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Fearless Voices Maryland Voice lessons .


The Human Behind the Voice


This studio places a tremendous effort in nurturing the student in the following order: Mind, Spirit, Voice. This approach fosters meaningful connections between the audience and the human behind the voice.  

A Message to Share


As singers, we are given the gift of text to articulate our thoughts, the character, and the intent of the composer. Students utilize technology in the learning and performance process as it allows their message to reach a broader audience. It is my goal that every student, regardless of age or skill, know that their musical message is something the world is worthy of hearing. 

A Mission for Artistry 


 I am on a mission to encourage students to create music that transcends boundaries that often create barriers. Students are encouraged to be brave and use their heart - combined with theoretical, historical, and technical learning to join the mission for artistry. This is the greatest way we can change the world. 

Coraine Tate, new headshot considering .
Founder’s Notes 


First, I want you to know that I am so sincerely thankful that you have taken the time to consider studying with me. Fearless Voices was created after teaching singers and realizing how important it was for them to be reminded of the power they hold within themselves. Specifically, the power to impact lives  through their voice.  It's my goal to make you feel welcomed - as you are, to inspire you to grow, and to encourage you to find and utilize your Fearless Voice. The world doesn't need voices that try to impress- the world needs voices that change lives. Check out my website to hear me sing and learn more:

  Coraine Tate    

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