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A Guide to Choosing a Voice Teacher

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

As a singer and teacher I have both, taken and taught, many voice lessons. I thought I would put together a guide based on what I have learned along the way!

♦ Speak to Their Current or Past Students

I remember doing this when I began working with a new teacher in my undergraduate degree. This student’s description stuck out to me – even til this day. He detailed his voice lesson experience with our teacher as, ” I felt that whenever I left the studio, I could sing anything.” I immediately realized this was EXACTLY how I wanted to feel when leaving voice lessons!  Keep in mind, every lesson will not be easy but every lesson should feel empowering and this is exactly what this student affirmed.  Remember: Good things take time. But with dedicated work, faith in yourself, and the right teacher- its truly possible to achieve your vocal goals!

♦ Ask for a consultation or initial lesson

Get to know them! You are interviewing the teacher while they may be doing the same when meeting you. Come to your initial lesson with direct questions in regards to your goals so that you can have a solid idea of how your teacher can guide you. Ask your teacher why they teach? Ask about their vocal journey? And most importantly, come in seeking to know if this teacher will help you get what YOU want out of your vocal journey!

♦ They believe in You 

I would go as far to say that the most important aspect of selecting a teacher. They must unconditionally believe in you and the potential of your voice. Period. Mic Drop.

♦ Are They an Honest Yay-Sayer?

Do they encourage you to take your ideas and create new opportunities for yourself? When advising you, are they realistic about what could work or what could be a good way to approach your creative opportunity?  A yay-sayer EMPOWERS singers to soar! With so many obstacles that 2020 brought for the arts creativity ( thinking outside the box) so important- Now more than ever!

♦ Do They Push You?

I like to think of voice teachers like personal fitness trainers that train athletes. Like an athletic trainer, a voice teacher must push you so that you can stretch and build your skill set. This one is often shown best through extended time. Which leads us full circle. If all the other points are in place – remember Good Things Take Time! Give your work with your teacher, wholehearted, time. And believe in yourself.  🙂

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